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Company Name  Part Phone    Email/Website Date Description
Thomassen Amcot International LLC Bart Zaino Two Flender Gearboxes 1-817-909-2339 11/24/2017 Two Flender Gearboxes
Aero Land & Marine LLC Paul Kerzner Factory New LM2500 Pneumatic Starter 480-865-2211 9/20/2017 Factory New LM2500 Pneumatic Starter PN L34085P08 / 3505454-7-2
Mega-Watt Consulting Derek King Brush A30 AVR complete 281-923-9634 07/05/2017 Brush A30 AVR complete
EthosEnergy Group John Clifford LM6000PC Core Engine 713-812-2305 5/01/2017 One overhauled LM6000PC Sprint core engine
EthosEnergy Group John Clifford LM6000PA Core Engine 713-812-2305 5/01/2017 One overhauled LM6000PA core engine
Axford Turbine Consultants Mark Axford T60 SoloNOx gensets 713-828-3038 3/21/2017 Two New Solar T60 SoloNOx gensets, dual fuel, 4160V
RSI Reed Services Mike Zgaynor LM6000 Hydraulic Control unit (307) 638-8983 3/21/2017 LM6000 Hydraulic Control unit Part # 9902-364 New spare on the shelf surplus from a power plant liquidation company.
Chromalloy Material Solutions Robert F J Scotland LM2500 base for sale 954-378-1995 2/15/2017 LM2500 for sale in OH condition. Can be sold complete or as modules (GG and (or) PT.)
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